Tamar Broadbent to Get Ugly at Edinburgh Festival

Last Updated on 6th July 2017

Tamar Broadbent in Get Ugly at Edinburgh Festival
Tamar Broadbent

Fresh from a five-star-sell-out run in 2016 and a Best Comedy Award-nominated tour of Australia earlier this year, Tamara returns to the Edinburgh Festival with Get Ugly.

Did you know that when you go through a break-up you become 25% uglier?

Newly single and living in a trendy part of town, Tamar is nervous about leaving the house. How do you become a strong, independent women when your confidence deserts you and you’re too busy dodging hipsters, envying gym girls and just trying to keep your body hair under control?

Get Ugly is a musical comedy about re-discovering your awesome-ness and embracing life without a filter. Best known for her hilarious, catchy songs about single life in your twenties, Tamar’s take on female self-confidence has to be seen.

Tamar comments “This show is about learning how to value yourself again after someone has made you feel like nothing. I’ve been to Australia and back with it and the audience response has been overwhelming. We’ve all been through heartbreaks, and Get Ugly celebrates how sometimes you have to get 25% uglier to realise you are 100% awesome“.

Get Ugly plays at Underbelly Med Quad (Clover), from 2nd August at 17:30 (not 14th) and is suitable for ages 14+


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