Ellen Kent’s Nabucco UK Tour

Ellen Kent's Nabucco UK Tour

Ellen Kent returns with a production of Verdi’s Nabucco, which was the very first opera that she produced. Nabucco stars Olga Perrier, the international French Soprano as Abigail, together with chorus and full orchestra. Verdi’s haunting and melodic chorus of the Hebrew slaves, Va Pensiero, follows the plight of the Hebrews as they are forced from their homeland into exile by the Babylonian King Nabucco. … Read more

REVIEW: Falstaff, Arcola Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

Falstaff Grimeborn Theatre

After Monty Python and Blackadder it is not really possible to present this type of opera in full cross-gartered fustian without an ironic angle; so much better in many ways, therefore, to take it out of time and re-present it in another period altogether, or in contemporary dress – as here – where in effect it becomes The Merry Chavs of Windsor. The result is one of the best vindications of the Grimeborn ethos in the current season and a wonderful refutation of the Coward quote at the head of this review.

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