No Tony Awards Telecast for the United Kingdom

No UK telecast of the Tony Awards

It’s infuriating to us here at that the United Kingdom is not deemed worthy of a telecast of the Tony Awards YET AGAIN! London’s thriving West End is a mecca for theatre lovers. Last year alone over 15,000,000 (Figures from Society Of London Theatre) attended a show in one of the capital’s theatres. Harold Prince is famous for his mantra that “You can’t really listen to a musical unless you can look at it“, and I’m a firm believer in that statement here. Each year  British tourists and hard-core theatre fans travel to New York to enjoy theatre, yet we are not afforded a chance to watch a programme that the Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing proport to be Broadway’s calling-card to the world. It’s their chance to show off Broadway’s best, but you have to wonder why year after year there is no telecast for the … Read more

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