FIRST LOOK: Sheila Hancock and Bill Milner in Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude at Charing Cross Theatre

As Harold and Maude starts previewing at Charing Cross Theatre starring Sheila Hancock and Bill Milner we bring you Darren Bell’s great production photos. Harold and Maude is an idiosyncratic romantic fable told though the eyes of the most unlikely pairing: a compulsive, self-destructive young man and a devil-may-care, septuagenarian bohemian. Dame Marjorie “Maude” Chardin (Sheila Hancock), is a free spirit who wears her hair in braids, believes in living each day to its fullest, and “trying something new every day”. Harold Parker Chasen (Bill Milner) is an 18-year-old man who is obsessed with death, attends funerals of strangers for entertainment and stages elaborate fake suicides. Through meeting Maude at a funeral, he discovers joy in living for the first time. Part dark comedy and romantic innocence, Harold and Maude dissolves the line between darkness and light along with ones that separate people by class, gender and age. Olivier Award-winning … Read more

REVIEW: The Woman In White, Charing Cross Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

The Woman In White at Charing Cross Theatre

The Woman In White Charing Cross Theatre, 4th December 2017 5 Stars Book Now Who believes in ghosts?  Everyone has their own story to tell with its own special particulars, and mine concerns a night some years ago, about the time that the original production of this musical was coming to the end of its run at the magnificent Palace theatre in the West End.  I was cycling home from a night out in Southampton, crossing the Itchen valley down a long straight stretch of highway; it was cold, and clouds of fog and mist had rolled in from the Solent in opaque billows obscuring the way ahead and shrouding where I had come from in an impenetrable, silent, white wall of vapour.  And there, down the centre of the road, wrapped only in a long, white nightdress, strode a woman, her long hair down and falling over her shoulders … Read more

FIRST LOOK: The Woman In White at Charing Cross Theatre

The Woman In White at Charing Cross Theatre

First look production photos from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman In White at Charing Cross Theatre Ahead of tonight’s press night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman In White at the Charing Cross Theatre we are pleased to bring you these great first look production images from Darren Bell of Thom Southerland’s new intimate production of the show. The Woman In White stars Anna O’Byrne, Chris Peluso, Carolyn Maitland, Ashley Stillburn, Greg Castiglioni and Sophie Reeves. With lyrics by David Zippel and a book by Charlotte Jones, The Woman In White is adapted from Wilkie Collins’ haunting Victorian thriller of the same name. The Woman In White runs at the Charing Cross Theatre until 10 February 2018. BOOK TICKETS FOR THE WOMAN IN WHITE

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman In White to be revived at Charing Cross Theatre

The Woman In White Tickets

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  Tony and Olivier Award-nominated musical The Woman In White is to recieve its first ever revival at London’s Charing Cross Theatre directed by Thom Southerland. Tickets are now on sale. The Woman in White recieved its West End premiere in 2004 at the Palace Theatre. Now Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Zippel have revised their original work to refresh the storytelling for a new generation of theatregoers. Based on Wilkie Colins’ haunting Victorian thriller, The Woman In White is a tempestuous tale of love, betrayal and greed. Thom Southerland, Artistic Director of Charing Cross Theatre, said: “I am so excited about this new production. The Woman in White is a wildly exciting romantic thriller which is frequently tender and personal. The music is grand, sweeping and instantly captivating. Having long been an admirer of The Woman in White, I know that Charing Cross Theatre is the ideal … Read more