Sex, Paranoia and Lots Of Chocolate Cake

Plunge Theatre presents Private View

This January, prepare to be plunged into the funny, filthy and grotesquely honest world of the twenty-something female. Fusing dance, verbatim text and a vast amount of chocolate cake Private View is the stark, combined account of three young women who are just trying to work out, quite frankly, what the hell is going on. Part love song and part hate mail, Izabella Malewska, Tutku Barbaros and Lilly Pollard are ready to confront the addictive and futile pursuit for perfection. From the f-word to selfies to panic googling acne cures to extreme diets, this performance piece gazes both inwards and outwards as three friends attempt to beat, or at least tussle with, their personal demons in a search to find their true selves. Stripping both literally and figuratively, Private View will interrogate our enigmatic relationship with body image by drawing from personal experience as well as wider cultural phenomenon: Can … Read more