Happy Birthday Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie 125th Birthday

Today (15 September 2015) marks what would have been Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday had she (or anyone else for that matter) been blessed with exceptional longevity. Agatha Christie continues to be one of the World’s most beloved writers of the classic whodunnit. Asides from the enormous volume of novels that continue to be sold each year, Agatha Christie is responsible for the world’s longest running theatre show in The Moustrap which continues to run in London’s West End and on tour, along with a stage adaptation of perhaps her most popular novel And Then There Were None which is currently touring the UK. We thought we’d bring you this great infographic on And Then There Were None as a way of congratulating Dame Agatha on keeping us guessing for over a century. Happy Birthday Agatha Christie. Infographic source: agathachristie.com