London’s Ten Best Plays – 6 February 2015

West End Theatre

10 Best New Plays in London What Play should you see first in London? We have compiled this list to save you the trouble of working it out! It’s just our view – and everyone has one – based on our Reviewers’ thoughts. We will update the list regularly so new productions get on your radar and when original casts change that is factored in. Plays which have been running for more than three years are not included – this is a list for new or relatively new productions running in London. We’ve included booking links for the shows listed and there are some great offers available on some of these shows. So go see them! If you prefer musicals check out our Top 10 Musicals list. 1. Tree – Old Vic It’s gentle, fascinating stuff. Watching these two very different men bond over nothing really, except their maleness, and … Read more