INTERVIEW: Richard Marsh – Author and Actor

Richard Marsh

Edinburgh hit ‘Wingman’ is set for its next stint at the Soho Theatre; E.L. Hardy interviews writer & actor Richard Marsh.    It was the final day of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I had one more job to do before boarding the overnight Megabus back to reality. All packed and puffy eyed, I walked into the Pleasance Dome for what was to be the last time this year and was greeted, as ever, by the unmistakable whiff of chlorine. The Dome’s comfy booths (a key feature of this year’s Fringe, for me anyway) were now smeared with crusted beer spills, but fortunately the coffee, like its theatre, was as good as ever. In fact the first exchange I had with Richard Marsh on this particular day, included me confessing to just having finished off a Cappuccino the size of my head. Richard politely agreed – “Gosh, yes you have, … Read more