Cuddles – Vampire Tale Announces Spring Tour – NYC Run

Cuddles Vampire Tale

Cuddles is a new play from the creative team that presented The Sluts Of Sutton Drive. The play was was created in the wake of the London riots and is a damning look at how society teaches us that what we consumes dictates our identity.This sharp and bleakly funny exploration of the co-dependent relationship between sisters Tabby and Eve is also a consideration of the ways in which our parenting choices directly shape the world of tomorrow and is re-staged amidst a rise in food banks, personal debt, the cost of living and continued austerity measures. Following the national tour, Cuddles will be presented for a month in June as part of New York’s Brits off Broadway festival. Teenage vampire Eve has never known what sunlight is. Everything the 13-year-old knows about the world is derived from what her sister Tabby has told her. She has never left her darkened … Read more

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