Award winning Pipeline theatre take Kindertransport play on UK tour

Transports Pipeline Theatre

Following the success of their 5* 2015 Edinburgh hit Spillikin, (nominated for the Carol Tambor “Best of the Fringe” award), Cornwall’s Pipeline Theatre revives its debut play Transports for a national tour in Spring 2016. The play – described by the Cornish Guardian as “brave, bold and brilliant” – tells the story of a volatile teenager who is shunted from one foster home to another in the 1970s, until she finds her new carer – an eccentric chatterbox, who keeps her Kindertransport past buried in a trunk.  As youth plays cat and mouse with age, their stories collide with devastating consequences. Weaving film and an evocative underscore,Transports, by turns funny and moving, is a journey not quickly forgotten. In a world where our media is full of images of a new refugee migration, Transports takes in the last great refugee crisis of WW2, to look at the consequences of displacement, … Read more

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