Identity Crisis Comes To Ovalhouse

Phina Oruche in Identity Crisis at Ovalhouse

Phina Oruche’s hilariously funny one-woman show Identity Crisis transfers to London’s Ovalhouse Theatre from 8 – 14 May 2017. The play which has enjoyed successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, and the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool explores identity struggles that are common to us all. The play was born out of a real-life story of the sudden death of Oruche’s 19-year-old niece in her home in 2011. This distressing time was followed by a series of racial and international incidents happening throughout the world and in her life. Identity Crisis helped her turn a mess into a message. Join audiences as they are taken through sixty images of Oruche when she worked in the world of fashion, providing an illuminating exposition of life on the catwalk. Identity Crisis focuses on nine characters all of whom are having their own identity crises; they are … Read more

REVIEW: Dead Royal, Ovalhouse ✭✭✭✭

Dead Royal at the Oval House Theatre

Roberts is immaculate in playing both parts: the sour, rotten, old Wallis who, despite her bitterness, wants to save Diana from the dreary drudgery of joining the monarchy; the shy, uncertain Diana, a mere child when it comes to the machinations of royalty, taking her cues from the gay coterie that surrounds her at the Palace and dimly thinking that a string of pearls might make her wedding a real event to remember.