REVIEW: Young Marx, Bridge Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Rory Kinnear in Young Marx at the Bridge Theatre

Bean and Coleman don’t put a foot wrong. Briskly plotted, dizzily paced with doors flying shut and open with split-second timing, revealing and concealing the players with all the aplomb of a delicious Deuxieme Empire farce, Young Marx is a racy, gallivanting romp, making the earnest lead a figure of fun.

FIRST LOOK: The Bridge Theatre, London’s Newest Theatre

Bridge Theatre opening

This past weekend Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr welcomed the first ever audience to The Bridge Theatre. London’s newest theatre is situated on the river by Tower Bridge and City Hall. The Bridge Theatre is the flagship theatre of the London Theatre Company and is the first major theatre to be added to London’s commercial theatre stock in eighty years. On Saturday night of the … Read more

REVIEW: The Hard Problem, Dorfman Theatre ✭✭

The Hard Problem review Dorfman Theatre

The Hard Problem is populated with unpleasant and unlikeable people spouting difficult scientific jargon in a sea of sentimental and predictable banality. There are a handful of good jokes but a handful is insufficient. The detailed notes in the programme provided more dramatic interest than about 100 minutes of stage time.

REVIEW: Great Britain, Lyttleton Theatre ✭✭

Billie Piper in Great Britain

Because there is no coherent overall style, the audience is left uncertain what it is watching and why. It’s a pity, really, because there are so many good actors here – the cast is enormous – and marshalled in the one direction the results might have been very different.

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