Netflix To Adapt The Audience Into TV Series

Helen Mirren The Audience

Netflix has announced that it has commissioned a 10 part drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series called The Crown will be based on the hit West End Play The Audience and will be created by Peter Morgan and Stephen Daldry – the writer and director of The Audience. It has been rumoured that Claire Foy has been approached to play the young Elizabeth II but no casting announcement has been made regarding Helen Mirren appearing in the series. The Crown will chart the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from the death of her father George VI in 1952 to the present day. Like the stage show the series will focus on the relationship between the monarch and her prime ministers. The Crown will reach television screens in 2016. Dame Helen Mirren will play the monarch in The Audience on Broadway next year, and Kristin Scott Thomas … Read more

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