REVIEW: The Night, Live at Zedel ✭✭✭✭

PÖJJ perform as part of The Night at Crazy Coqs

The Night Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zedel 2nd January 2017 4 Stars Fast becoming one of the most significant events in the cabaret calendar, this entertaining monthly gathering, pioneered by the indefatigable Tom Crowley and trusty cohorts, is a wonderful place to enjoy ‘alternative’ comedy and music in the comparatively safe surroundings of a respectable West End club.  On this occasion, the event was made particularly special through its coincidence with Mr Crowley’s keenly anticipated 30th birthday: an anniversary milked tonight for all its ominous and portentous worth by regulars Molly Beth Morossa as Molly the Imaginary Friend, Lucy Farrett as Tina Claessens the Stage Manager, and the cheerful Professor Expert the Producer, made flesh by the charming Andy Goddard: all of whom, if we are to believe what we are told, are still younger than their MC.  So much for the company. The guests tonight rejoiced in the headliner, … Read more

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