Soft Cell musical Tainted launches Kickstarter campaign

Tainted musical kickstarter

Marc Almond and Soft Cell have announced Tainted a ground-breaking new stage musical which is being supported by an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. “Tainted” is a brand-new piece of musical theatre with a book by Michael McManus and Charlie Ross Mackenzie, featuring songs from every stage of Marc Almond’s career, ranging from the famous to the unknown and previously unpublished. In a world tainted by bigotry and injustice, “Tainted” is a tale of acceptance, survival and love, set in a basement space in Soho, between 1944 and our own time, where everyone and anyone can be themselves. The name of the place may change – Le Grand Guignol, Gutter Hearts, The Pink Flamingo – but the ethos never will. There is no prejudice accepted here, no hatred and no blame. Just love, live and let live. “Tainted” has been through four workshops and private readings, including a full performance of Act … Read more

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