A Princess Undone Tour

A Princess Undone UK Tour

Stephanie Beacham is to play HRH Princess Margaret in the world premiere of A Princess Undone, a new play by Richard Stirling. Kensington Palace, 1993. She was the Diana of her day. That day has gone. But HRH The Princess Margaret, the most glamorous figure of her generation, has a final chance to be of service. While the Royal Family is at Balmoral, she removes several bags of correspondence from the Queen Mother’s home, including potentially sensational letters from Prince Charles – and Diana, Princess of Wales. She means to burn them all. But there are other papers. Some of them relate to Margaret herself, and a scandal as dangerous as anything since. When an ex-gangster arrives to bring her even closer to her past, the Queen’s sister has the choice to make or break her family yet again. Inspired by actual events, A Princess Undone, by Richard Stirling, which … Read more

Marilyn Comes To The Park Theatre

Hello Norma Jeane at Park Theatre

Following a successful run in 2014 at London’s King’s Head Theatre, Hello Norma Jeane by Dylan Costello will be presented at the Park Theatre from 23rd February 2016. It’s Spring 2003 and Essex grandmother Lynnie has escaped her nursing home and fled 5000 miles across the Atlantic to Hollywood, Los Angeles, where she plans to reveal to the world her deepest secret – that she is Marilyn Monroe, alive and well after faking her death decades before. As her gay grandson Joe turns up to take her home, he finds himself embroiled in his grandmother’s scheme, questioning his sanity as he wonders whether he really can be the grandson of Marilyn Monroe. But is Lynnie really Marilyn? Or just a crazy old lady wanted to avoid ending her days alone inside a nursing home? There’s only one way that the truth will be revealed in this funny drama that is … Read more

REVIEW: The Glass Protégé, Park 90 ✭✭

The Glass Protege at Park 90

Alexander Hulme is intriguing and charismatic as Jackson and you see a glimpse of what a tortured beauty trapped in another man’s world can suffer. David R Butler is at his best as Patrick in his scenes with Hulme, and together they chart the intimacy of the friendship which turns to lust and then love very well. Both men have good speaking voices and are at ease with the sensual kissing and the full frontal nudity.