REVIEW: The Events, Mercury Theatre Colchester ✭✭✭✭✭

The Events at Mercury Theatre Colchester

The Events Mercury Theatre Colchester. 6 June 2017 5 Stars BOOK TICKETS The Events is playwright David Greig’s response to the terrorist attack in Norway in 2011, when a far-right terrorist murdered sixty nine people on an island, many of them young people. Fictional in response, the play is horribly relevant, and with press night just days after the London Bridge attacks, it is likely to remain topical for many years. However, following the One Love concert in Manchester, the play also examines  healing through the use of music. Claire ran a choir, a multi cultural, welcoming, and diverse and discrimination free gathering of people who love to sing and socialise. The Boy attacks them and kills many of them. In her recovery, Claire attempts to get an answer to the only question that matters- why? The truth is we may never know, as the Boy says, “shit happens.” This … Read more

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