What To Watch Out For in 2018 – Paul T Davies

Olivier Theatre at the National

To talk about every show I’m looking forward to in 2018 would extend this column beyond your patience, so I thought I would focus on three different aspects-and throw in a few more! THE DIRECTOR. One of my favourite directors is Emma Rice, who got me back into the Globe theatre after feeling that it had become too staid for my tastes in the years before. Now she is free of any shackles they may have put on her, I’m excited to see her new work, and to welcome back one of her classics. Her new company, Wise Children, is the new company in residence at the Old Vic, London, and the first production will be an adaptation of Angela Carter’s classic novel Wise Children. A story of twins born on the wrong side of the bed sheets to a theatrical knight, its theatricality and storytelling makes it a perfect … Read more