A Bit Of Rumpy Pumpy At The Union

Rumpy Pumpy the musical to play at the Union Theatre and Theatre Royal Windsor

Rumpy Pumpy!, A new saucy British by Barbara Jane Mackie will be presented in London and Windsor in November 2016. Based on a true story, Rumy Pumpy! sees Shirley Landels and Jean Johnnson, two ladies from the Hampshire WI who fight for working girls everywhere trying to decriminalise prostitution and improve conditions. When Holly Spencer, a brother madam, gets in touch asking if they could help with her brothel she quips: ‘You ladies make the tea and we’ll bring the crumpets!’ Linda Nolan (The Nolans, Blood Brothers) and Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Eastenders) will lead the cast of Rumpy Pumpy! playing Jean Landels and Shirley Johnson. Mackie says: “I spent time with several brothel Madames, meeting their working girls and hearing their stories. I realised that the story of these girls would intertwine powerfully with the story of the two WI ladies, as all of these women wanted the same … Read more

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