CRITIC’S CHOICE 2016: Paul T Davies

Kenny Morgan returns to the Arcola Theatre

We asked our reviewers to take a look at 2016 and to nominate some stand out productions for 2016. Paul T Davies replied with the following:- 1. Kenny Morgan A well structured, naturalistic and beautifully performed play takes my choice as the best new play of 2016. Kenny Morgan was the real life lover of playwright Terence Rattigan, who, after his life spiralled into despair after leaving Rattigan, took his life by gassing himself in front of a gas fire. As a result, Rattigan wrote The Deep Blue Sea, which opens with his heroine, Hester Collier attempting to gas herself. Mike Poulton’s play, in many ways, is the play Rattigan couldn’t have written. Central to the production was Paul Keating’s powerful and moving performance as Kenny Morgan, for me, the male actor of the year. Yet the whole ensemble were terrific, the set perfect and the script shimmered with restrained, … Read more

Kenny Morgan Back By Popular Demand

Kenny Morgan returns to the Arcola Theatre

Mike Poulton’s play Kenny Morgan returns to the Arcola Theatre for a limited run of four weeks in September, following a critically acclaimed premiere earlier this year. London, 1949. Terence Rattigan is one of the best-known playwrights in town, but his relationship with the actor Kenneth Morgan is a closely-guarded secret. When Kenny falls into the arms of a younger man, emotions reach fever pitch. Behind the closed doors of a flat in Camden Town, the unspeakable is spoken – and the consequences are tragic. A gripping tale of destructive passions, Kenny Morgan exposes the limits to which people will go for love, and the extraordinary real-life events behind Rattigan’s most famous play, The Deep Blue Sea. Kenny Morgan will return with its original cast which includes two-time Olivier award nominee Paul Keating. The production is directed by Lucy Bailey, designed by Robert Innes Hopkins, lighting by Jack Knowles, and … Read more

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