Kathy Burke directs world premiere of The Retreat at Park Theatre

Kathy Burke directs The Retreat at Park Theatre

Kathy Burke is to direct the World Premiere of Sam Bain’s new comedy drama The Retreat at Park Theatre from 2 November to 2 December 2017. Luke, a former high-flyer from the City, is sitting in a remote stone hut halfway up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands.  He is on a meditation retreat, searching for the inner peace that so far has eluded him. The trouble is, not only will his mind not settle, but an uninvited guest arrives – his obnoxious older brother, Tony. Is Tony everything that’s wrong with Luke’s old life, or is he the only one who can really see into his soul? And is Luke’s quest for spirituality a way of transforming himself, or is it just another form of addiction? The Retreat is a sharp new comedy drama about a world where we can never escape ourselves, or find ourselves either. Kathy Burke is a director, actor … Read more