Our House UK Tour

This information was updated on 24th November, 2017Our House, The Madness musical will undertake a UK Tour from August 2017 in a new production directed by Immersion Theatre’s James Tobias and choreographed by the resident choreographer of Matilda The Musical, Fabian Aloise. On the night of his 16th birthday, Joe Casey takes the girl of his dreams, Sarah, out on their first date. In an … Read more

REVIEW: Romeo And Juliet, Brockley Jack Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Romeo and Juliet - Brockley Jack Theatre

Despite some rough edges this was a continually thoughtful and engaging production that is targeted very deftly at those coming to the play for the first time. In the absence of traditional repertory theatre it is all the more important that productions such as this go on extensive tours to spread Shakespeare accessibly. We can only wish them well.

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