REVIEW:The Play That Goes Wrong, Duchess Theatre ✭✭✭✭

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The Play That Goes Wrong is a highly entertaining show, with a fine new cast of actors and a artfully catastrophic set. Given this, and the British public’s acute awareness of personal embarrassment, coupled with the uniquely comic and cathartic potential of witnessing it in others, the play is destined to be a long-runner in the West End.

REVIEW: Richard II, Arcola Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Richard II at Arcola Theatre

Macbeth When asked to reflect on Shakespeare’s most ‘political’ plays, many of us would say and Richard III without a thought. Such is the astonishing influence of House of Cards, whose iterations are both strongly influenced by these political tragedies. Consequently this ‘new version’ of Richard II, which retains Shakespeare’s text but is set in modern-day Parliament, risks unfavourable comparisons. In fact, it is a very shrewd interpretation, with excellent performances from the two leads, a very solid supporting cast, and a simple but highly effective set.

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