UPCOMING: I Have A Bad Feeling About This, Vaults Festival

I Have A Bad Feeling About This at Vaults Festival

I Have A Bad Feeling About This House of Blakewell, Vaults Festival 21 – 25 February 2018 Book Now For those of us who are HOB virgins, the prospect of finally being able to discover the ins and outs of this fringe cult is a pleasant one indeed, and this year the Vaults Fest regulars return with a new show, new songs, new material, reaching out to new audiences as well as keeping their growing fan base happy.  Announced as a ‘cabaret musical’, and festooned with wreaths of laurels gathered from previous productions, Harry Blake and Alice Keedwell’s latest offering opens on 21st February and is sure to prove a popular draw.  The pair took some time out from rehearsals – and life – to speak to me about it. Harry composes the music and Alice the lyrics and text, although there seems to be quite a lot of give … Read more

Casting Announced For Summer Nights In Space

Book tickets for Summer Nights In Space at the Vault Festival

One of the most keenly anticipated events of this year’s gathering in the cavernous spaces beneath the tracks of Waterloo Station is this sci-fi space rock musical by the hugely original and talented Henry Carpenter.  Developed through the good offices of Hannah Elsy Productions, we have seen this brilliant new creation grow from a 3-song skit at Elsy’s Rich Mix ‘Lowdown’ event, via a workshop presentation at the Young Vic, into this fully developed 70 minute entertainment now about to play six performances in the Brick Hall. With a 6-week run of the show’s forerunner, ‘The Quentin Dentin Show’ (seen two years ago at Edinburgh, and last year at Above The Arts), shortly to open in a brand new production by Adam Lenson at a London venue, clearly things are on the up-and-up for the determined and innovative Carpenter and Elsy.  What previews I’ve seen of the show so far … Read more

Sci Fi Space Travel Musical Comes To The Vault

Book tickets for Summer Nights In Space at the Vault Festival

The Vaults are to play host to a brand new science fiction musical odyssey this February when Summer Nights In Space opens as part of this year’s Vault Festival. Presented by Hannah Elsy Productions, Summer Nights In Space is from the creators of the critically acclaimed The Quentin Dentin Show. The show which is billed as a glam space rock musical uses the bizarre setting of musical theatre to combine the song and dance of entertainment with the really big questions. Astronaut John Spartan has finally made it into space – only to discover that it is not all he had hoped. Marooned in space with a ferocious alien and a moody computer, the reluctant crew of Auxiliary Transport Shuttle 4 must stave off Space Madness and work together to survive in the void. But when Spartan receives a distress signal from an attractive Astro-nette, his newfound mission to find … Read more

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