Does oral sex constitute adultery? NotMoses, ‘a comedy of biblical proportions’, has the answer

NotMoses at the Arts Theatre, London

NotMoses, written and directed by Gary Sinyor, premieres at the Arts Theatre on 10 March 2016, with Antonia Davies as Aviva, Dana Haqjoo as Pharaoh and Greg Barnett as NotMoses. The cast also includes Jasmine Hyde as the Princess, Joe Morrow as Feripoti, Thomas Nelstrop as Moses, Niv Petel as Rameses and Leon Stewart as the Rabbi. Set in Ancient Egypt, NotMoses is the story of a crying baby who is plucked from his basket by a Princess only to be dumped back in the Nile when she sees a nicer baby, Moses. NotMoses grows up a disgruntled slave whilst Prince Moses studies accountancy at Pharaoh’s court. NotMoses is an important work that answers the question that, according to Sinyor, has troubled mankind throughout the ages: “Does oral sex constitute adultery?” After graduating from the National Film and Television School, award winning film-maker Gary Sinyor was commissioned by Eric Idle to … Read more

REVIEW: These Trees Were Made Of Blood, Southwark Playhouse ✭✭✭

These Trees Were Made Of Blood at the Southwark Playhouse

The framework devised for the production is The Coup Coup Club (a clever play on the Kit Kat Club which instantly sets the groundwork for military dictators and oppression) a seedy nightclub where far-right ideologues gather to celebrate their victories over a generous tipple and crisply fried empanadas. Central to everything, and the key reason for the success of the piece, is a startlingly assured performance from Greg Barnett. As the General cum Master of Ceremonies, Barnett is the sexy, alluring face of the murderous ruling Argentinian military.

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