First Look At New Cast Of Sunny Afternoon

New cast for Sunny Afternoon starts on 5 October 2015

It has been announced today that the new cast of Sunny Afternoon, the musical based on the music of The Kinks, will start in the Olivier Award-winning musical on 5th October 2015. The new cast is Danny Horn (Doctor Who; The Dead Dogs), who will play Ray Davies, with Oliver Hoare (Antony and Cleopatra, Chichester) as Dave Davies, Tom Whitelock (Times Square Angel, Union) as … Read more

REVIEW: Happy Endings, Arcola Theatre ✭

Gillian Kirkpatrick, Karen Archer, Andrea Miller and Thea Beyleveld in Happy Endings at the Arcola Theatre

Gov’s idea – a confrontational musical fantasy dealing with the realities of Cancer, Cancer treatment and human responses to both – is inspired. In the second Act of Happy Endings there are flashes of the truth, pain and insight that Gov, who died of Cancer in 2012, brought to the enterprise.

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