Edinburgh Fringe LGBT Preview

Edinburgh Fringe LGBT Preview

Paul T Davies takes a look at some of the LGBT offerings at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Before heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it’s worth accepting one fact of your visit. You will NEVER see everything you have put on your wish list. Several of them will be on at the same time, and unless you have cloned yourself or own a time machine, you’re never going to get around the city fast enough! For the LGBTQ visitor though, there is plenty of work that should reflect your tastes and interest through every aspect of queer life. Not enough work is presented in regional theatre, or even mainstream, that reflects the lives of non traditional sexuality, so the festival is a perfect place to catch new writing and performances that reflect on  and celebrate queer life. Here’s just a small pick of the productions available. A significant event to … Read more

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