REVIEW: The Scottsboro Boys, Garrick Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

The Scottsboro Boys: (L-R) Keenan Munn-Francis (Eugene Williams), Emmanuel Kojo (Clarence Norris), Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton (Olen Montgomery), Carl Spencer (Andy Wright), James T Lane (Ozie Powell), Joshua Da Costa (Roy Wright), Brandon Victor Dixon (Haywood Patterson), Dex Lee (Charles Weem), Emile Ruddock (Willie Roberson).

The Scottsboro Boys relies on the skills of its acting company, giving them chairs and tambourines and a few costumes, as their only tools and the show becomes all the more powerful as a result. This is an unbeatable, incredible ensemble of performers who manage to inject incredible humour into a story that by its very nature inspires indignation.

REVIEW: The Scottsboro Boys, Old Vic Theatre ✭✭✭✭

The Scottsboro Boys London

The nine boys are, in an unqualified way, magnificent: the line-up here is better than the Vineyard line-up. Each of the nine can sing, dance and act. They are simply tremendous: with special, remarkable turns from James T Lane (seriously, just get the awards engraved now), Kyle Scatliffe, Clinton Roane and Carl Spencer. When they all sing together, it is unarguably thrilling.