REVIEW: The Heresy Of Love, Shakespeare’s Globe ✭✭✭

The Heresy Of Love at Shakespeare's Globe

The Globe is not really a space for claustrophobic intense drama and this production really brings that home. This production would look and feel very different in the Sam Wanamaker Theatre and probably should have been programmed there. The openness of the space works against the building tension in Edmundson’s writing and Dove’s direction does not utilise the wide spaces in a way which enhances or accentuates the dark, brooding and Machiavellian aspects of the religious politics and the dogma dissection.

Casting Announced For New Barney Norris Play Eventide

Playwright Barney Norris

Up In Arms and Arcola Theatre will presented the world premiere of Eventide, a new play by Barney Norris at the Arcola Theatre ahead of a UK Tour. A love song, an elegy, a celebration – Eventide tells the story of three people whose worlds are disappearing. John is a landlord forced to sell up; Liz is a church organist who can’t get a gig; Mark takes what work he can just to pay the rent. Their tales unfold round the back of a pub hidden deep in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. But is that heart still beating? The play will be directed by Alice Hamilton and feature Hasan Dixon (Mark), James Doherty (John), and Ellie Piercy (Liz). Barney Norris won the Critics’ Circle and Off West End Most Promising Playwright Awards for Visitors (‘Extraordinary’ The Guardian, ‘Heartbreaking’ New York Times), which played a sell-out run at Arcola … Read more

REVIEW: As You Like It, Shakespeare’s Globe ✭✭✭

As You Like It At Shakespeare's Globe

Blanche McIntyre, whose revival of As You Like It now at the Globe, uses every trick in the book to make Shakespeare’s play clear (it is, very), risqué (it is, very), engaging (it is, almost always) and funny (it is, often). There is music, dancing, cross-dressing, the carcass of a deer, lusty jostling, a tap-dancing clown, and a cross-dressing God of Marriage. There is much for the groundlings to delight in, as well as a few “oohs” and “awws”.

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