What I Learned From Johnny Bevan returns to The Fringe

Luke Wright in What I Learned From Johnny Bevan returns to Edinburgh Fringe

After taking the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe by storm, Luke Wright’s What I Learned From Johnny Bevan returns to The Fringe for one week only from 21 – 27 August 2017 at Underbelly, Belly Button (Venue 61) at 12 noon each day. Wright’s play is a compelling, politically charged story encompassing shattered friendships, class and social ceilings, and The Labour Party’s battle for its soul. At university the whip-smart, mercurial Johnny Bevan saves Nick, smashing his comfortable middle class bubble and firing him up about politics, music and literature. Twenty years later, as their youthful dreams disintegrate alongside the social justice they hoped for, can Nick, now a jaded music journalist, save Johnny from himself? A gripping modern fable, What I Learned From Johnny Bevan strikes at the heart of British politics. Questioning the rise of of David Cameron’s brand of Conservatism and New Labour, this gripping story reflects the disillusionment … Read more

REVIEWS: Darktales, Edinburgh Festival

Darktales Ediburgh Festival

Described as the scariest show at the Edinburgh Fringe, we were keen to see what critics thought of Dan Clarkson’s new production of Darktales festuring Andrew Paul and Sean Ward. Darktales has a revised script by Tim Arthur, former editor-in-chief of Time Out Magazine. This chilling, creepy play explores the myths and the stories that scare us at night, and the two men who write them. The conversation becomes a sinister exchange, a dark rivalry – but the men are linked by more than their writing – there is a strong smell of sexual jealousy! And the mysterious Lucy looms over their stories. Confronting each other by demonstrating the power of each of their writing styles, slowly reveals a dark secret, leading to a terrifying conclusion. Darktales is produced by Beckman Unicorn. BOOK NOW FOR DARKTALES What the critics thought:- The List, Eddie Harrison ✭✭✭✭ Ward and Paul might be … Read more

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