REVIEW: Measure For Measure, Shakespeares Globe ✭✭✭

Measure For Measure at Sjakespeare's Globe

This is a feel-good production of a difficult play. The very best thing about it is Dominic Rowan’s exceptionally charismatic Duke. In the second half, particularly, the underlying comic approach to the play allows Rowan to have a great deal of fun, and the final scenes, which can be excruciatingly painful to endure (because in some productions, essentially, the Duke is emotionally torturing Isabella in those scenes) are light and engaging.

REVIEW: Julius Caesar, Globe Theatre ✭✭✭

Julius Caesar review Globe Theatre

This is not a production where you sit and watch and the outcome is determined for you; no, it’s a production where your mood and the mood of those around you is a palpable part of the experience, and which hones and persuades you to certain points of view.