UPCOMING: China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette

Queen C*nt Sacred or Profane Bunker Theatre

Julian Eaves spoke to China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette about their production Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane which comes to The Bunker Theatre in March 2019.  Producer Hannah Elsy knows a good thing when she sees it – and she never attaches her name to anything less than wonderful.  So, when I heard she had taken on the producing of the extraordinary work of China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette, I hurried to find out more.  Chatting recently to China and Debs, like a lot of people before me I found myself thrilled beyond expectation. Right now, both are riding high on the generally glowing results of a much better than anticipated first showing on last summer’s Edinburgh Fringe; that, combined with a startlingly successful tour, has seen their work reaching out to and drawing in audiences much bigger and much, much more varied than anyone had anticipated.  So, … Read more