Christian Slater and Robert Glenister to star in Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets

Christian Slater, Robert Glenister, Kris Marshall, Stanley Townsend and Don Warrington star in David Mamet’s acclaimed masterpiece Glengarry Glen Ross, which returns to the West End this Autumn for its first major revival in over a decade. This ground-breaking modern classic has won every major dramatic award on Broadway and in the West End, including the 1983 Olivier Award for Best Play and the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and was later adapted by Mamet for the 1992 film starring Jack Lemmon and Al Pacino.  At a time of fierce debate about the American Dream and what it represents, Glengarry Glen Ross is a lacerating satire for modern society. Lies. Greed. Corruption. It’s business as usual. Set in an office of cut-throat Chicago salesmen. Pitched in a high-stakes competition against each other, four increasingly desperate employees will do anything, legal or otherwise, to sell the most real estate. As time … Read more

REVIEW: American Buffalo, Wyndhams Theatre ✭✭✭

American Buffalo by David Mamet at the Wyndham's Theatre, London

American Buffalo Wyndham’s Theatre 2 May 2015 3 Stars Book Tickets His whole body is a snarl of anger, resentment, pain. His shaved head suggests an innate meanness, but it is just show. His character is weak, lost, desperate to be loved and to be considered part of “the action”. His eyes astonish: one moment, almost lifeless, as if he is elsewhere thanks to drugs in his system or perhaps because he is mentally deficient; the next, they flash into life, presenting tough bravado or lucid hope. His hands and arms seem almost disconnected, as he curves or twists them oddly, fascinatingly, a reflection of his confused, inarticulate demeanour. When, unexpectedly, he is assaulted, his jaw broken by the severity of the blow, you feel the pain as surely as if you had been yourself assaulted. As blood pours from his ears, and he expresses his fear about his state, … Read more

Star Of American Buffalo Damian Lewis Interviewed

American Buffalo Damian Lewis interview Wyndhams Theatre London

David Mamet’s American Buffalo opens at London’s Wyndham’s Theatre on 16th April 2015 for a strictly limited season. is pleased to bring you this chat with star of American Buffalo Damian Lewis during a recent photo shoot for the play. American Buffalo is an explosive drama which examines the fickle nature of honour amongst thieves. Three small time crooks plan one big heist. A series of tragic errors turn this darkly funny play into a blstering account of divided loyalties, greed and a coveted buffalo nickel. The play will also star American actor John Goodman and Tom Sturridge. American Buffalo was the winner for Best Play at the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and was adapted into a 1996 film starring Dustin Hoffman. BOOK TICKETS FOR AMERICAN BUFFALO

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