FIRST LOOK: The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk at Wilton’s Music Hall

The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk

Kneehigh Theatre’s The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk comes to Wilton’s Music Hall this week and we are pleased to bring you these great first look production photos of Emma Rice’s production. Marc and Bella Chagall were the flying lovers of Vitebsk. Partners in life and on canvas, they are immortalised as the picture of romance. But whilst on canvas they flew, in life they walked through some of the most devastating times in history. Emma Rice directs Marc Antolin, who reprises his role as Chagall. Joining him as his wife Bella is Daisy Maywood, in Daniel Jamieson’s critically acclaimed and dazzling play, vividly drawn from the early life of this iconic artist. This much anticipated revival traces the lives of the young couple as they navigate the Pogroms, the Russian Revolution, and each other in a vigorous staging woven throughout with live Klezmer music from Ian Ross and James Gow … Read more

REVIEW: Of Thee I Sing, Royal Festival Hall ✭✭

Of Thee I Sing Royal Festival Hall

The comic performance of the night, and the source of most consistent pleasure, came from the very talented Tom Edden who made an acting masterclass out of the portrayal of the reluctant Vice President, Alexander Throttlebottom (is there a character in a Broadway musical with a better name?). Taking his cue from that name, Edden presented a neurotic, chaotic, frantic but ambitious, character: he stole every scene he was in and even some he was not in. Superb.