CRITIC’S CHOICE 2016: Julian Eaves

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We asked our reviewers to take a look at 2016 and to nominate some stand out productions for 2016. Julian Eaves replied with the following:- The stand-out moments of 2016 for me are all new works, or at least new to the UK. ‘Can’t Stop It’, is a trans-Atlantic collaboration between two new British book writers, Adam Button and Lemon Otter; Lemon has also done the ingenious musical arrangements of the songs, which are by US indie group, Suburban Legends – most of the numbers come from their back catalogue, but some have been composed especially for the show. In the hands of dramaturg-director Max Reynolds, this show is taking very promising shape. Following two sets of workshops – at Canterbury and at the Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford – the team is currently exploring different options to develop the show further. Read Julian’s original article. ‘Adding Machine’, the US composer … Read more

UPCOMING: Can’t Stop It The Musical

Can't Stop It The Musical

Behind the scenes across the UK talented writers are working on great new ideas for musicals. Many will never be seen and many need support to get onto the stage. has asked our good friend Julian Eaves to write a regular feature talking about the hard work that is going on to bring audiences new and exciting shows. We hope that you enjoy this great new series. On Thursday, 21st July, at the Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, we were treated to the first night of a wonderful success story in musical theatre. No, it was not the Press Night of the revival of ‘The Bodyguard’, starring the inestimable Beverly Knight. It was for a new show that nobody had seen before. If you wanted to see it, you had to leave the lobby in the magnificent art deco grand entrance hall, climb the stairs up to the circle, … Read more