UPCOMING: China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette

Queen C*nt Sacred or Profane Bunker Theatre

Julian Eaves spoke to China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette about their production Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane which comes to The Bunker Theatre in March 2019.  Producer Hannah Elsy knows a good thing when she sees it – and she never attaches her name to anything less than wonderful.  So, when I heard she had taken on the producing of the extraordinary work of China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette, I hurried to find out more.  Chatting recently to China and Debs, like a lot of people before me I found myself thrilled beyond expectation. Right now, both are riding high on the generally glowing results of a much better than anticipated first showing on last summer’s Edinburgh Fringe; that, combined with a startlingly successful tour, has seen their work reaching out to and drawing in audiences much bigger and much, much more varied than anyone had anticipated.  So, … Read more

Revolutionary new season revealed at The Bunker Theatre

The Bunker Theatre 2019 Season

The Bunker’s artistic director Chris Sonnex announces his first season as artistic director A “revolution” is underway at The Bunker theatre in London where Chris Sonnex has announced his first season as artistic director. The six productions and a new festival, programmed from January to May 2019, will help Sonnex to achieve his ambition for theatre “to disrupt, challenge and interrogate the world that is put before us”. Highlights include award-winning solo show, Funeral Flowers, that was a hit at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, written and performed by Emma Dennis-Edwards. Directed by Rachel Nwokoro, it tells the story of 17-year-old Angelique who is navigating her way through the care system into adulthood, dreaming of being a florist and facing challenges including the recurring threat from her boyfriend’s gang. Powerful and moving, it is part poetry and part floristry masterclass, running from 15 April to 4 May. The season opens … Read more