CRITIC’S CHOICE 2016 : Mark Ludmon

Billie Piper in Yerma

We asked our reviewers to take a look at 2016 and to nominate some stand out productions for 2016. Mark Ludmon replied with the following:- In another wonderful year for British theatre, one of my highlights was Annie Baker’s The Flick at the Dorfman at the National Theatre, unfolding the quiet desperations and joys of young people working at a small independent cinema in Massachusetts. … Read more

REVIEW: Great Britain, Lyttleton Theatre ✭✭

Billie Piper in Great Britain

Because there is no coherent overall style, the audience is left uncertain what it is watching and why. It’s a pity, really, because there are so many good actors here – the cast is enormous – and marshalled in the one direction the results might have been very different.

Phone hacking play gets West End transfer

Billie Piper in Great Britain

The National Theatre has another smash hit on its hands with the play Great Britain by Richard Bean starring Billie Piper and Robert Glennister. The play satirising the phone hacking scandal and other dubious press practices opened at The National Theatre shortly after the verdicts on real life phone hacking trials had concluded. News of the transfer comes just two days after the play opened. … Read more

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