BIG INTERVIEW: David Schaal and Vincent Regan on A Steady Rain

A Steady Rain at the Arcola Theatre

Following a successful stint at East Yorkshire’s East Riding Theatre, Keith Huff’s critically acclaimed play A Steady Rain is set to tread the boards at London’s Arcola Theatre. Layla Haidrani caught up with lead actors David Schaal (The Office) and Vincent Regan (Troy), asking what audiences might expect from its London premiere.  Q: What initially drew you to A Steady Rain? VR:  I was looking for a really good contemporary play and one that didn’t have a very big cast as we couldn’t afford to pay a lot of actors. I came across Steady Rain and liked it so much I thought I’d like to do it myself. I don’t usually do much theatre – I’ve only done a couple of plays in the 15 years. DS: I was immediately drawn to the amazing script. Very rarely do you read a play and think I absolutely have to do it … Read more

REVIEW: Echoes, Arcola Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Echoes by Paul Naylor at Arcola Theatre

Echoes is a success for many reasons but fundamentally it’s because there is such strength in the story telling. In fact there are 2 stories running concurrently and though the time periods in the stories are 175 years apart and told by 2 actors independently, there is such deep and meaningful symbiosis between them so that what can be a fragmented experience is a beautiful whole.

REVIEW: Clarion, Arcola Theatre ✭✭

Clarion at the Arcola Theatre

Mark Jagasia not only fails to carry that stick, but it’s too heavy for him to pick up in the first place. “Clarion,” now playing at the Arcola, is the broadest bit of anti-newspaper criticism that’s been on the stage in years, and that includes the National’s crack at phone hacking, Great Britain.

Casting Announced For New Barney Norris Play Eventide

Playwright Barney Norris

Up In Arms and Arcola Theatre will presented the world premiere of Eventide, a new play by Barney Norris at the Arcola Theatre ahead of a UK Tour. A love song, an elegy, a celebration – Eventide tells the story of three people whose worlds are disappearing. John is a landlord forced to sell up; Liz is a church organist who can’t get a gig; Mark takes what work he can just to pay the rent. Their tales unfold round the back of a pub hidden deep in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. But is that heart still beating? The play will be directed by Alice Hamilton and feature Hasan Dixon (Mark), James Doherty (John), and Ellie Piercy (Liz). Barney Norris won the Critics’ Circle and Off West End Most Promising Playwright Awards for Visitors (‘Extraordinary’ The Guardian, ‘Heartbreaking’ New York Times), which played a sell-out run at Arcola … Read more

REVIEW: Miniaturists 50, Arcola Theatre ✭✭✭

Miniaturists 50 review Arcola Theatre

The Miniaturist night at The Arcola Theatre is a wonderful evening of brand new short plays by some of the UK’s top young writing talent. But ultimately, the night does leave one wondering where and when these works might be performed again. If performed only on a night such as this, does that mean, as play texts, they can possibly stand alone?

REVIEW: The Rivals, Arcola Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

The Rivals review Arcola Theatre

Constant eruptions of anger, sexual frustration, discrimination of town against country and English against Irish, and hostilities of son against father, servant against master and mistress run as a guiding set of threads through every scene; and assorted categories of gendered vanity, both misogynist and misanthropic, provide the root of much of the humour, some of it still unsettlingly cruel and mocking

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