REVIEW: Volpone, Swan Theatre ✭✭

Henry Goodman in Volpone at the RSC

Henry Goodman is assured and magnetic as the titular Volpone. He gives a larger than life performance which suits – entirely – Johnson’s larger than life character. In the extreme, absurd comedy, Goodman is very good indeed. His fake almost-dead patient is a riot, not the least because when Goodman has his wig and hospital gear in full flight, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Worzel Gummidge as played by Jimmy Savile. There is something splendidly repulsive yet unsettlingly endearing about him in this mode.

REVIEW: Our Town, Almeida Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

Our Town with David Walmsley at the Almeida Theatre

This is a phenomenally effective and ambitious revival of a masterpiece. It restores one’s faith in the power and magic of theatre and shows, in a very clear way, how casting actors who can act is the key to successful theatre. It makes your heart and spirit soar, although you may shed some tears along the way. Powerful. Engrossing. Unforgettable. An Our Town for our time.