Vault Festival 2018 Preview

Vault Festival 2018 London

Mark Ludmon previews this year’s Vault festival in and around The Vaults in Waterloo, London Our pick of theatre and performance at Vault 2018 Every year, Vault arts festival just gets bigger and bigger. For 2018, more than 300 shows will take place around London’s Waterloo from January 24 to March 18, focused on The Vaults beneath the station but now bringing in new spaces including Waterloo East Theatre. It features comedy, film, live performance and theatre – a lot of theatre in fact, presenting exciting new talent and new writing. We pick out some of the shows that caught our attention. NeverLand Following Vault’s sell-out hit The Great Gatsby last year, The Guild of Misrule and Theatre Deli return with a Peter Pan-inspired new, immersive musical. Dive into a dark and dangerous world of mermaids, rum and glittering pirates. Expect food fights, absinthe bars and soaring live music from a … Read more

Brutal Cessation brings relationship violence to the Edinburgh stage

Milly ThomasBrutal Cessation Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Milly Thomas’s savage new play Brital Cessation explores the violence in relationships, expectations of gender and what happens when we;re no longer in love but refuse to let go. Following the story of a rotting relationship and the purgatory that follows, the shows asks: Is having no reason to stay a reason to leave? Laced with dark humour, Brutal Cessation is a unique exploration of traditional power play as the actors swap roles throughout the sixty minute show, offering a refreshing perspective into both men and women’s experience of victimhood as their reality becomes emotionally and physically unsafe. Brutal Cessation explores how violence, suggested or actualised, can so easily pervade our everyday lives, sometimes without us even realising it. Offie-nominated Lydia Larson (Skin A Cat, Vault Festival and The Bunker) and Alan Mahon (If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You – Old Red … Read more

Drink, Drugs And Homosexuality Feature In New Old Red Lion Production

If We Got Some More Cocaine I could Show You How I Love You at Old Red Lion Theatre

If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You, a new one-act  play developed out of The Minaturist’s 10th Birthday last November, will be presented at The Old Red Lion Theatre in September . The debut play of John O’Donovan, If We Got Some More Cocaine looks at gay love between two young men who haven’t seen much love in their short lives. A backdrop of violence, bravado and small-minded attitudes hangs behind this desperate rooftop drama. Ireland was the first country to legalise gay marriage by public vote last year, an exceptional turnaround considering homosexuality was only decriminalized by the government in 1993, after having their hands forced by the European court of human rights. If We Got Some More Cocaine… examines the defences and residual stigma associated with such a dramatic change in public perception in a short space of time, and the … Read more

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