REVIEW: Party, Above The Stag ✭✭✭✭✭

Party at Above The Stag Vauxhall

Party isn’t a play that involves long complex character studies. It’s a hoot, had me laughing throughout and wanting a return visit. It’s pure fun. It holds up a mirror on ourselves to a simpler time (we would never have admitted that at the time!) and reminds us that friends are everything.

David Dillon’s Party Returns To London

David Dillon's gay pcomedy Party comes to the Above The Stag Theatre

David Dillon’s gay comedy Party returns to London this September for the first time since its original extended run at the Arts Theatre in 1998. Party is set at a gay house party where seven gay friends who play a game called Fact or Fantasy; it’s a bit like Truth Or Dare but even more…revealing. As clothes are shed so too are their inhibitions and secrets in this brotherhood comedy that The Advocate describes as ‘One of the most uplifting and affirming representations of gay life on any stage ever.’ Playwright Dillon says, ‘Party is not about flesh, but celebrates the fact that, as a group, we are positive and honest about our sexuality and free from a lot of the inhibitions and hang ups that exist in other groups.’ Party will be presented at the Above The Stag Theatre from 7 September 2016 in a London version of the … Read more

CRITICS CHOICE: Tim Hochstrasser’s Pick Of 2015

Henry V at Temple Church

My best revival recommendation would go to Antic Disposition’s HENRY V played in the evocative setting of Temple Church. It is very hard to find something new to say about one of the most familiar plays in the canon, but this production developed a fully thought through and reconfigured setting in the period of the First World War that fused precisely and informatively with the original.

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