REVIEW: Bitches Down Under, Above The Stag ✭✭✭

Bitches Down Under

Bitches Down Under! Above The Stag 17th January 2018 3 Stars Book Now Fans of light, frothy, gay-flava’ed serials will welcome this third instalment in the continuing saga of our friends from ‘Alright Bitches!’ and ‘Bitches Ahoy!’, where they take their exclamation marks all the way to Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia, in an epic of soap-opera proportions by the indefatigable Martin Blackburn.  In Andrew Beckett’s workman-like production, an entirely predictable, but wholesomely enjoyable sequence of comic exchanges then follows, as witticisms old and very old and even older get tossed this way and that between our chummy crew.  If memory serves me correctly, in this particular entanglement Liam Mooney’s affable Drew and Ethan Chapples’ likeable Garth are on their holidays in the famed antipodean metropolis, in three-wheeled tandem with arch fag hag, Hannah Vesty’s spry Pam.  They arrive in a bar presided over by Lucas Livesey’s even more archly … Read more