Showstopper – The Improvised Musical

  • Showstopper at the Apollo Theatre
    Dylan Emery in Showstopper. Photo: Geraint Lewis.
  • Showstopper at the Apollo Theatre
    Philip Pellow, Andrew Pugsley, Justin Brett, Ruth Bratt, Lucy Trodd and Adam Meggido in Showstopper. Photo: Geraint Lewis
  • Showstopper at the Apollo Theatre
    Dylan Emery, Justin Brett, Ruth Bratt, Andrew Pugsley, Lucy Trodd, Adam Meggido and Philip Pellew in Showstopper. Photo: Geraint Lewis.
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  • Dylan-Emery-in-Showstopper!-The-Improvised-Musical-,-credit-Geraint-Lewis
  • Philip-Pellew,-Andrew-Pugsley,-Justin-Brett,-Ruth-Bratt,-Lucy-Trodd-and-Adam-Meggido-in-Showstopper!-The-Improvised-Musical-,-credit-Geraint-Lewis
  • Dylan-Emery,-Justin-Brett,-Ruth-Bratt,-Andrew-Pugsley,-Lucy-Trodd,-Adam-Meggido-and-Philip-Pellew–in-Showstopper!-The-Improvised-Musical—credit-Geraint-Lewis
  • showstopper-tickets

With a critically acclaimed West End run, a BBC Radio Four series and nine years of festivals and touring to their name, The Showstoppers have delighted audiences around the world with their ingenious, unique blend of comedy, musical theatre and spontaneity.

Every Showstopper! performance is a hit musical waiting to happen.

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