Romantic comedy Americat comes to Tristan Bates Theatre

Real-life couple Scott Kettner and Amy Elliot bring their romantic comedy Americat to the Tristan Bates Theatre in February 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Americat Tristan Bates Theatre
Remember when you were little and how we were all believed that one day you meet someone AND get married AND have kids AND live happily ever after? Real life doesn’t work out like that. This is a story about affection, appreciation, tenderness, devotion, friendship, worship, and weakness – we’re talking about that stupid thing called love and all of its powers. Something so strong to the human spirit that it turns bright souls to dark, and they are lost.

Americat offers laughter, sadness and togetherness in an original love story on Valentines Day.

Scott Kettner received his Bachelors of Arts from Iowa State University. After taking writing classes at the University of Southern California and starting 1912 Productions, this is his first major production. Originally from North Yorkshire, Amy Elliot graduated from The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in 2005.  She was hailed to be “a sure-fire winner from the off” (The Stage), and this is her first stage appearance after eight years, with thirteen years as a stand-in and body double for actresses in major feature films.

They are joined by a cast including AJ Jeremiah, Amin Ali, George Eggay, Christian Alifoe and Rory Grant.

Americat runs at the Tristan Bates Theatre from 12 – 16 February 2019.


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