REVIEW: Seska Cooking Up Fun, Mercury Theatre, Colchester Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Sparky Backman Juliff reviews Seska Cooking Up Fun at the Mercury Theatre as part of the Colchester Fringe.

Seska Colchester Fringe
Seska – Cooking Up Fun
MercuryTheatre, Colchester Fringe Festival
Seska-Cooking up fun is a hilarious show that is perfect for the whole family, it’s full of comedy, magic and laughter. Seska is the perfect amount of crazy, a true comedy magician. He has a fantastic range of magic tricks, everything from card tricks to swallowing swords and he also interacts with the audience very well and gets everyone involved. He didn’t just make the little ones laugh, but the adults too! Now that’s a real magic trick! I thought it was hilarious when the father of one of the families watching the performance, was laughing louder than his two kids! He is very professional in the way he interacts with the audience. The entire show was so stupid, it’s funny!
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