REVIEW: Sailing, Headgate Theatre, Colchester Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Sparky Backman Juliff reviews Sailing By at the Headgate Theatre as part of the Colchester Fringe.

Colchester Fringe
Sailing By
Headgate Theatre, Colchester Fringe Festival
Sailing By is a heartwarming story of an elderly man who never lost his inner child, we follow the life of this old man through his crazy but solitude life. This performance in progress is both hilarious and touching, with references to his personal life of playing rugby as a young lad and also some relatable references like Indiana Jones and some old school songs. He has a lovely interaction with the audience and his intro was extremely funny. My favourite part was definitely when he introduced us to his tamagotchi that he was very proud of and was obviously well taken care of.
Jon Tilley, (playing the old man) didn’t talk much in performance but i felt it made the story so much more powerful by using actions more than words. While I was watching this wonderful show, I started to think about what I will be like when I’m older. I’ve realised that I should take risks and not take life so seriously.
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