REVIEW: Ryan Lane Will be there Now in a minute, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 14th August 2022

Paul T Davies reviews Ryan Lane will be there Now in a minute, playing at the Assembly Roxy as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2022.

Ryan Lane will be there now in a minutre Ed Fringe

Ryan Lane Will be there Now in a minute.
Assembly Roxy as part of the Edinburgh Fringe 2022
Star Rating: 5
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Always a pleasure to come across Welsh work and talent at the Fringe, and this show is an absolute delight! Beginning in mystical Wales and Ryan Lane welcoming us as the spirit Rhiannon, then taking us to the dead centre of Wales, which is Llandiloes, we enjoy a series of sketches about Wales, being Welsh and growing up gay in a small village.

Lane is superb at audience participation and improvisation, we get a hysterical rugby lesson with a perfect member of the audience, lots of mysticism, lip syncing, and a joyful acknowledgment of how cheap and tacky the show is! To say there’s a homemade feel to the props is an understatement! Homophobia is also lampooned very effectively. And never before has a show demonstrated a boy’s love for his leak!

If you’re Welsh, every single gag will take you home to the Land of Your Father’s, but the beauty of the show is that non-Welshies are welcomed and will get the jokes. It’s got huge heart and affection for the wacky world it’s created and, quite simply, is the funniest show I’ve seen on the Fringe this year.

Playing at 15:10,  on 03 – 29 August 2022


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