REVIEW ROUND UP: The Windsors Endgame, Prince Of Wales Theatre

The Windsors Endgame is a hilarious evening in the theatre as Harry Enfield , Kara Tointon, Tracy-Ann Oberman and  many of the stars of The Windsors, Channel 4’s irreverent royal spoof, live on stage, at the Prince of Wales theatre.

The Windsors Endgame tickets

The Windsors Endgame – Like all good soap operas is the story of intergenerational conflict, with Wills challenging his father for the crown and Camilla determined to see him off and rule the land with an iron fist. Wills needs Harry and Meghan’s help if he’s ever going to triumph – but will they come back from California and their authentic life with their rescue chickens? And how will Beatrice and Eugenie ever clear their father, Prince Andrew’s name?

Written by the creators of the TV series, George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler-Moore, directed by Michael Fentiman (Amelie) and featuring songs, sword fights and snogging competitions, this show has everything you need to beat the lockdown blues!

Now playing until 11 October at Prince Of Wales Theatre




Given our national relish for both monarchy and rude jokes, what can I say? This one will reign and reign.

Daily Mail


If you tend to put the Royal family on a pedestal, you may wish to avoid this subtle as whooping cough, boisterous, slightly ramshackle piece of lèse-majesté. But if you are willing to embrace the lunacy, you will be rewarded with a filthily funny 90 minutes or so of broadbrush satire which will have you giggling like a naughty schoolchild all the way home.

Daily Telegraph


The Windsors: Endgame will divide opinion like marmite. Some will dislike the show’s bitter taste, but this is a masterclass in British satire. The Windsors: Endgame is a right royal pantomime and jolly good fun.

London Theatre

The Windsors: Endgame is Spamalot-meets-Spitting Image, lewd, rude, crude, and very funny. Fun for all the family as long as your family is inbred, detached from reality, and shagging each other constantly.

Bleeding Cool



Windsors Endgame tickets
Ciarán Owens (Wills), Kara Tointon (Kate), Crystal Condie (Meghan), Tom Durant-Pritchard (Harry) Photo: Marc Brenner
Harry Enfield
Harry Enfield as Prince Charles in Windsors Endgame. Photo: Marc Brenner
Windsors Endgame
Tracy Ann Overman as Camilla. Photo: Marc Brenner
West End Theatre tickets
Crystal Condie (Meghan) and Tom Durrant-Pritchard (Harry). Photo: Marc Brenner
Prince Of Wales Theatre
Ciarán Owens (Wills), Kara Tointon (Kate) and Tracy Ann Oberman (Camilla) Photo: Marc Brenner
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