REVIEW: Meggie’s Measures, Colchester Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Noah Pantano reviews Meggie’s Measures presented as part of the Colchester Fringe.

Meggie's measures

Meggie’s Measures
Colchester Fringe
4 Stars

There was no better end to Colchester Fringe than Megan Juniper’s wholesome and entertaining show Meggie’s Measures. Through a mixture of parody songs and cabaret acts, Megan takes us on a slideshow through her quirky yellow-filled life. “Joyful romp” as the show’s description says is certainly the word. As she burst out into singing Jolene (amongst many other genre-crossing songs in a hilarious mashup of cabaret talent), I remarked to my friend next to me that it felt like this show was written for me. Megan has natural charm straight from a Disney film. Her quirks, mannerisms, humor, and stage presence show her off as a seasoned performer. Even with a few minor technical hiccups, Megan’s natural charm keeps the show moving smoothly. The entire audience was on their feet clapping and singing along by the end. I will forever have “a drink a drink a drinkety drink” stuck in the confines of my head.

Meggie’s Measures is weighed down by a few unfunny songs. The “Bring Me To Life” parody felt out of place (and somewhat out of range) for Megan’s otherwise pitch-perfect voice. By the end, the show has somewhat run out of steam as it strays away from more personal, humorous stories to general parody songs. That said, there is still so much joy to find in the show that it’s more than easy to forgive the less-than-funny song or two. Where the show shines, it shines bright. Megan’s smile and wit can win anyone over. Grab a drink (preferably a “Meggie’s Measures”) and let Megan Juniper’s sweet voice take you away.

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