REVIEW: Meet Me At Dawn, Traverse Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 16th August 2017

Meet Me At Dawn at Edinburgh International Theatre
Meet Me At Dawn. Photo: David Monteith-Hodge

Meet Me At Dawn 
Traverse Theatre
10 Augus 2017
4 Stars
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Two women are washed up on an island after a terrible boating accident. Robyn and Helen are lovers, and both seemingly survive the accident. Robyn talks to the audience, but from the outset she informs us she is an unreliable narrator. Zinnie Harris’s beautiful play has urgent, energetic dialogue and, together with Orla O’Loughlin’s sensitive direction, slowly reveals the truth of the situation.

The play is acted superbly by Sharon Duncan – Brewster as Helen and Neve McIntosh as Robyn, handling the changing tone and mood of the island superbly. As the play progresses, the island becomes a metaphor for unreachable grief, and the revelation is subtle and honest, the wish for one more day skillfully tackled. It is also refreshing to see a play in which the sexuality of a same sex couple is irrelevant, love and loss are the central themes.

Presented as part of the International Festival, this is one play well worth catching.


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